Adopt Mission

ADOPT’s Mission

“To establish a process of ongoing regeneration in all aspects of life in Pettigo & Tullyhommon and support the creation of community structures that have the capacity to work towards developing themselves on an ongoing basis on a cross border cross community basis”.

ADOPT’S Objectives

1. To establish, promote and operate a Community Development Programmme which will act as a focus and catalyst for the community of Pettigo & Tullyhommon and its environs, with a view to promoting educational cultural and economic welfare.

2. To aid the re-establishment of essential services removed from the area during the years of decline.

3. The structure community development activities to ensure the inclusion of all groups within the community.

4. To strive for cross community and cross border access to facilities and participation in activities.

5. To engage both in the creation of and management of projects which contribute to the community economy.

6. To aid in the development of community skills, confidence and resources.

7. To play an active role within a representative community structure that is both cross community and cross border, designed to address the legacy of conflict and assist in the process of reconciliation and inclusion.

8. To promote the establishment of community groups and the provision of local adult education and training schemes and generally to encourage schemes for the social, cultural and educational benefit of the community at large.

9. To co-operate and form the necessary partnerships with statutory agencies, local community groups, voluntary agencies and private bodies with a view to promoting and attaining the above objectives.

PEACE III Pettigo Tullyhommon Termon Project

Donegal County Council in partnership with Fermanagh District Council and ADoPT (Association for the Development of Pettigo & Tullyhommon) is currently undertaking a major regeneration project in the villages of Pettigo and Tullyhommon funded by the EU’s PEACE III Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body


The Special EU Programmes Body is the Managing Authority for the European Union’s PEACE III Programme

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